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All of our products are baked and prepared in our dedicated kitchen facilities, which also handle all of the main allergens including NUTS, GLUTEN (WHEAT), DAIRY, EGG and SOYA. Our team takes all the necessary steps to endeavour to ensure cross contamination doesn’t happen, however, there is always a risk that one of our products (which contains a main allergen ingredient e.g. NUTS) could have come into contact with another product. We advise anyone with a severe food allergy that we cannot guarantee their safety when dining with us or consuming our products.


We do serve alcohol in the Parlour and have a very limited number of products that contain alcohol.


Every edible product in the Parlour has a detailed list of ingredients with main allergens written in CAPITAL letters for clear reference. Please ask for a copy if you have any concerns


We have a number of products which are suitable for Vegan diets, and have marked within the product ingredient list where this is the case: (V)

If you would like to talk through any of these details please don’t hesitate to speak to a member of our team on 01442 874476 or email

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